We are aware there are many other shops in town you could trust your vehicle with. There are several things that make us stand out from the crowd. We are your full service automotive repair shop. We can help you with anything from an oil change to smog testing and repair or a transmission rebuild. Our technicians use only the highest quality parts to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

Complete Automotive Repair

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The Best Auto Repair Shop in Las VegasOil Change: The art of the oil change has changed over the years. An “oil change”, or Lube, Oil and Oil Filter” includes draining the oil, replacing the oil filter (or cartridge in some cases) and renewing the oil with new, clean oil. We’ll also lube any necessary fittings. Does your car still have Zerk fittings? Is there anything that needs to be greased? Don’t know? Don’t worry. We’ll also perform a complete vehicle inspection. We’ll top off any fluids and make notes of any recommended repairs.

Engine: Whether you’re in need of a tune-up or a complete engine replacement, our expert technicians have you covered. An engine is a machine with many moving components. We can help keep your engine and related components healthy through regular recommended maintenance. Ask us when you’re due to replace the timing belt and spark plugs. Too late for maintenance? We offer several options to replace worn-out engines.

Tune-up: We don’t offer tune-up packages because we won’t sell you anything you don’t need. We’ve invested in the newest technology for diagnostic equipment and can customize your tune-up to include only what your vehicle needs. Every vehicle has a different manufacture recommended maintenance schedule. If you are not sure if your vehicle is due for a tune-up, call Master Automotive Centers today at 702-456-0231.

Automobile Tune UpsBrakes: Brake systems are one of the most important components on your vehicle. We can replace brake pads or brake shoes and replace or machine brake rotors or brake drums. During a brake service, we will inspect brake fluid, hoses, calipers and all related parts. Have your brakes inspected regularly to prevent major brake repairs. Don’t gamble with your brakes or your safety.

Smog and Failed Smog Repair: Clark County requires vehicles to have an emission inspection annually. If you’ve failed your initial inspection, only a G2 licensed authorized station is able to repair and retest your vehicle. We are able to determine the cause of failure, repair and retest your vehicle. We can also complete a drive cycle. Once an OBDII vehicle, vehicles 1996 and newer, is repaired for failing a smog, it will require completing a drive cycle. This process helps the engine control module test each system for proper operation before an emission inspection can be completed.

Complete Automotive Repair

These Are Just SOME of Our Auto Repair Services…

Air Conditioning: Our summer heat can be brutal. If you’re air conditioning isn’t blowing or isn’t blowing cold, bring it in for an A/C service. We can check to see if your system is low on refrigerant and is in need of a recharge or we can test your a/c compressor for proper operation. Blend door actuators, or mode door actuators, are another common air conditioning component failure that can keep you from being cool in the hot summer months.

Checking DiagnosticsCheck Engine Light: If only our vehicles could talk to us when they don’t feel good. Well, they can! A check engine light can come on for many different reasons. A loose gas cap, malfunctioning sensors or loose or broken vacuum hoses are a few of the many reasons the check engine light can come on. At Master Automotive Centers, we have the most updated technology and tools to help diagnose the cause of a check engine light.

Cooling System: Just like we don’t like to be hot in the summer, our vehicles don’t like to be hot, ever! The cooling system consists of several components to help keep the engine running cool. Summer isn’t the only time it is important to have your cooling system inspected. Engines can run hot year round. We can inspect and test the operation and condition of your radiator, water pump, radiator hoses, cooling fan and thermostat.

Starting and Charging: Starting your vehicle should be as easy as a turn of the key, right? When your vehicle won’t start, come to Master Automotive Centers for a starting and charging system check. We can check the operation of your battery, starter and alternator. We can also visually inspect the battery terminals and cables to ensure proper connections. Don’t get stranded, have your starting and charging system checked before it’s too late.

We also perform the following services:

Alternator Repair
Auto Air Conditioning (AC) Repair and Service
Auto Computer Diagnostics and Repair
Auto Heating Repair and Service
Auto Radiator Repair and Service
Brake Oil / Fluid Flush / Change
Car Battery Repair /  Replacement
Check Engine Light Diagnosis and Repair
Computer Diagnostics
Fuel Pump Replacement
Fuel System Repair
Gear Oil Change
Ignition Repair
Petrol Engine Tune Up
Radiator Repair
Shocks Repair and Service
Starter Problems and Repair
Suspension Repair and Service
Transfer Case Repair and Service
Window Regulator Repair and Service

And So Much More….

Complete Automotive Repair

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These are just SOME of our auto services that you will receive at our automotive repair shops. If you are in the Las Vegas are and have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call 702-456-0231 today.